Saturday, 28 May 2011

democracy? democracia?

It is not my intention to post about anything other than crafts and hobbies in my blog and it will remain like this after this post. I just could not let this go by.

Hundreds of people in Barcelona, my hometown, as well as in other cities in Spain have been peacefully demonstrating against the government's political action which is very very far from what it claims to be a democracy.

I want to show you how the police forces tried to evict the protesters yesterday, who emphasised their non violent way of demonstrating by just sitting down and be out in the streets to ask for what it should be real democracy.

What I found most horrifying is this. What excuse is there to have a go at a disabled person???

I cannot do anything from here, I'm really annoyed about it, but the only thing I can do is to show what is happening so there is more people aware of it.  

thank you for reading this


  1. tota la raó del món Irina,
    sembla mentida que succeixin coses així, i a més a més es fagi amb total impunitat.
    Som gent civilitzada que hem dit prou, n'estem farts i sembla que els fem nosa. La classe política cada cop està més lluny dels problemes reals de la gent.

  2. The world is a crazy place sometimes. Please stay safe.


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